The storming success of Dwarf Fortress continues apace. DF programmer and co-designer, Tarn Adams, announced this week that the game’s “premium” Steam version sold almost half a million copies (opens in new tab) last month after its December 6 release. It seems like people are queueing around the block to spend money on a game that’s been freely available for 16 years, and rightly so: Dwarf Fortress is an incredible and incredibly unique game (opens in new tab).

The news means that DF has torn its pre-release sales estimates to shreds. Before the game’s Steam version came out, an economist enlisted by its publisher—Kitfox—tentatively predicted that it would sell around 160,000 copies over the course of its first two months on Steam. It hit that within 24 hours of release (opens in new tab). It’s now reached more or less triple that number of sales in less than a month.

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