“Who turned out the lights?” In lieu of eye contact, the guard directs his fearful question to the dark. “Who else is in here? Is someone there?” The answer comes in the form of an ascending whine, the trademark tell of Sam Fisher’s night vision kicking in, and the muffled squelch of his silenced pistol. It’s a classic Splinter Cell scene, drawn from the newest entry to the series, Firewall. Which is not a game, but an eight-part radio drama (opens in new tab) you can find on the BBC Sounds app.

It’s a faithful conversion to a new medium. Expect mention of tri-focal goggles, and a commendable recreation of Michael Ironside’s low drawl from Andonis Anthony—an actor familiar to BBC Radio 4 listeners from The Archers, the UK’s weekly dose of agricultural soap opera and countryside mooing for the middle aged.

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