An interesting-sounding experiment has picked up Overwhelmingly Positive Steam reviews over the past week: It’s a demo called Outpath: The First Journey for a game coming in 2023 that’ll be properly called Outpath. It’s billed as a prologue chapter, but it’s very much a demo of what seems to be planned for the main game. I think it’ll appeal to fans of games like Forager foremost, but it’ll also attract the idle-clicker, survival crafting, and production optimization crowds.

Playing is all about your expected gathering of resources, collecting of doodads, and crafting of tools, but layers an automation aspect on top, letting you set up your base to function without you. As you get more resources you buy more islands, with more resources—you know the drill on this. The experimental choice here is that in theory Outpath is designed to let you idle in a way that games like Forager or Satisfactory or Minecraft aren’t quite designed for.

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