Dark Souls: Archthrones, an ambitious total conversion mod for Dark Souls 3, got its first substantial gameplay trailer (opens in new tab) on January 4. The 15-minute video shows off three levels from the mod, as well as the team’s approach to combining remixed content from throughout the Soulsborne games with new, bespoke assets.

The gameplay trailer begins in the Rainswept Outpost, Archthrones’ own “you have to die in this tutorial before reaching the hub area” level. Fittingly, it ends with a gnarly HD homage to Demon’s Souls’ Vanguard, complete with oozing bug eyes and spider legs sprouting out of its chest. Upon getting predictably pancaked by the beefy boy, the player wakes up in the Nexus of Embers, a green, warmly-lit redux of DS3’s Firelink Shrine. 

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