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Game of the Year 2022

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In addition to our main Game of the Year Awards 2022 (opens in new tab), each member of the PC Gamer team is shining a spotlight on a game they loved this year. We’ll post new personal picks, alongside our main awards, throughout the rest of the month.

There was a magical time in 2018 where, for a few months after Super Smash Bros. Ultimate came out, my life was like that original Nintendo Switch ad with a bunch of 20-somethings huddling around a single 7-inch screen on a rooftop to play games together. I hauled my Switch just about everywhere (parties, restaurants, jury duty), always with two extra joycons stashed nearby in case passersby wanted to get schooled by my mediocre Incineroar. Even into 2019, Smash Ultimate was the party game we’d never put down.

Then, of course, the parties stopped in 2020. All of my friends migrated to Discord and new jobs and schedules mean we gather online more often than in-person. Our Smash Bros era ended, but for a while in 2022, one of the coolest surprises of the year brought it back: MultiVersus (opens in new tab).

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