Nier: Automata’s anime adaptation will come on January 7th, 2023, and to celebrate a nice new trailer’s out and about showing off protagonists 2B and 9S as they do apocalyptic robot stuff in their nice apocalyptic robot future. We’ve known it was coming in January (opens in new tab) for some time, but this is the first hard date we’ve got.

The trailer makes it look like a faithful retelling of at least the first round of Nier: Automata’s storyline. However, we already know that it’s a series rife with alternate endings and secrets, some of which took years for the playerbase to discover—the last significant one cropped up four years after release. (opens in new tab) All of that’s to say I very much doubt we’ll see this series sticking to the endings as established. Expect some wildly metafictional twist or deviation. 

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