Mark Zuckerberg’s on a mission from god: He’s gonna plug you in. How else to explain Zuck’s hell-or-high-water commitment to building the Matrix except to say that he’s on some sort of divine quest? In October this year, Meta announced it had already lost $9.4 billion on the metaverse (opens in new tab) before telling investors it planned to lose a whole lot more in future and, despite a huge swathe of firings (opens in new tab) at the company, its metaverse ambitions are undaunted. Sounds like a crusade to me.

Of course, Zuckerberg isn’t the only metaverse zealot running a tech company, though he is the only one who changed his company’s name to prove his dedication (and not for any other reason (opens in new tab) at all). Epic’s Tim Sweeney has also caught the bug, and even has a court ruling to prove it (opens in new tab). Plus we’ve got interest from the likes of Konami (opens in new tab), Tencent (opens in new tab), Nvidia (opens in new tab), Microsoft (opens in new tab) and, uh, Lego (opens in new tab), along with who-knows-how-many crypto weirdos and Web3 outriders. 

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