The humble walk cycle. The way a character moves through the world can say a lot about their personality… for better or worse. While it’s not exactly the most important component of a good game, walk cycles can afford a lot in terms of immersion: a happy-go-lucky protagonist may move with a spring in their step, while someone grumpier may be more heavy-footed and hunched over like Mr. Hyde. Some walk cycles are done so seamlessly that I don’t even notice them unless I’m  really paying attention. Others have me sending my character around in circles like a dog chasing its tail, unable to comprehend whatever the hell it is they’re doing with their body. 

With so many games and an endless number of walk cycles contained in them, it was tough coming up with a list of the best and worst ones I’ve come across in games. But a rare few are still sashaying through our minds many years later. With the help of my fellow PC Gamer crewmates, here are some of gaming’s sassiest, coolest, and daftest ways characters have walked over the years.

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