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Game of the Year 2022

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In addition to our main Game of the Year Awards 2022 (opens in new tab), each member of the PC Gamer team is shining a spotlight on a game they loved this year. We’ll post new personal picks, alongside our main awards, throughout the rest of the month.

2022 has been a fairly quiet year for games—unless you count the 67,000 (approx.) that launched in the last few months—and the shadow that Elden Ring cast over other releases has been pretty difficult to shake, too. But coming in at the absolute opposite end of the stress meter, PowerWash Simulator has been one of the highlights of my gaming year.

Taking a hose to garden furniture has never been high on my list of fun things to do to wind down at the end of the day, but PowerWash Simulator has made me rethink my priorities. I picked up this game completely on a whim. I’d heard the name but hadn’t seen any actual gameplay. I figured it would be good for maybe a couple of hours before I got bored and switched to something a little more exciting. I was wrong: 65 hours later—no, not in one sitting—I finally finished the Career Mode.

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