Spoiled for choice—I think that’s a fair statement to make of today’s experience buying a new gaming CPU. On the one hand, AMD is pumping out a steady stream of excellent Ryzen CPUs founded on its ever-impressive Zen architecture. On the other, Intel is back with even more cores and an ingenious hybrid architecture in the 13th Gen, making swift work of games and heavy-duty workloads alike.

It’s tough to pick a single winner when we’ve had a year replete with CPUs worth buying. Even on the more budget side of things, which admittedly has been a little ignored with the latest generation of chips, we’ve seen prices come crashing down on last-gen chips to all-time lows. During Black Friday there was a Ryzen 7 5800X for $234 (it’s a little more now (opens in new tab) but still cheap). A Ryzen 7!

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