You know what they say: If it looks too good to be true, it’s probably been hit by a bizarre copyright claim and be delayed for eight months. That’s what’s happened to The Day Before, (opens in new tab)Steam’s second most-wishlisted game, which has been struck by a trademark dispute just ahead of the release of a “raw gameplay footage” trailer (opens in new tab) which was promised for later this month. But now that trailer has been indefinitely postponed while Fntastic consults with its lawyers, and the game’s March 1 release date has slipped all the way back to November 10.

In an update posted to Fntastic’s Twitter this morning, the studio claimed that “Steam blocked [its] game page at the request of a private individual,” who had filed a trademark for The Day Before in the United States several months after the game’s January 2021 announcement. The studio says it “found out about this only on January 19, 2023, when [it] received a complaint” from the trademark holder. So everything—the game, the trailer, anything that could tell us more about this still-mysterious survival MMO—is on hold, while Fntastic tries to fulfil its pledge to “definitely solve everything”.

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