Life is filled with paths not taken. Careers unpursued, loves unrequited, games based on massive media properties unmade. Games like Obsidian’s take on Rick and Morty, for instance, which studio boss Fergus Urquhart casually mentioned was planned by the company during a recent interview with NME (opens in new tab).

Precisely what the game would have been is frustratingly undetailed in the interview itself, but we do know that it ended up shelved once Obsidian got bought by Microsoft (opens in new tab) and that it was one of many big licences the studio hoped to turn into games. The studio was also pitching a Walking Dead RPG and a game based on the reality show Cops (opens in new tab) before Microsoft scooped it up, although publishers “couldn’t get their heads around” that last one. In another interview, we even heard that the studio had plans for a game based on James Cameron’s Avatar (opens in new tab).

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