Given the rousing flop that was Nvidia’s attempted 12GB RTX 4080 (opens in new tab) I was foolishly hoping the upcoming 4070 Ti would be a shining light for the brand’s GPU offering. If these cards came in at a friendly price-point, they could be a great choice for upcoming builds. But after seeing the prices projected by Chinese stores, any optimism I had has largely been dashed. If you’re happy to pay about the same amount Nvidia was planning on hawking those aforementioned 12GB 4080s for, then I guess you’re in luck.

According to VideoCardz (opens in new tab), some Chinese retailers have begun taking preorders for the upcoming 4070 Ti cards giving us a look into the potential pricing for the units. These do vary a bunch, especially as the Chinese market tends to focus on custom cards, but it still delivers an indication that the prices on these cards are going to be too damned high.

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