Dying Light 2 was one of last year’s insatiable AAA time-sinks, designed to outlast any thought of refund or trade-in. It pulled dozens if not hundreds of hours from millions of players. And although that time slipped down the drain easily enough, happily wasted and easily forgotten, it’s now resurfaced—like a fatberg blocking up the sewers—in Spotify Wrapped-style presentations from the likes of Steam. Thanks, Gabe. Really, you shouldn’t have.

As it turns out, I personally spunked the equivalent of one-and-a-half working weeks on Techland’s overambitious zombie sequel. Being confronted with a hard figure like that, in the cold twilight of the new year, tends to prompt a little regret and reexamination. What was the motivation? Why did I settle on a 6/10 with my review editor at Edge magazine, and then go back for more?

Parkour in Dying Light 2

(Image credit: Techland)

I can’t speak for other Dying Light 2 players, who perhaps sought escape or simply value for money. But I know that I was chasing something very specific. A high brought on a decade prior by the time trials of Mirror’s Edge—those taut yet freeform gauntlets made up of rooftop extractor fans, fire escapes and sudden chasms which made the best of first-person parkour. 

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