In the first post on its studio blog since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Kyiv-based 4A Games has given a brief update on its status and, out of nowhere, released a full modding toolkit (opens in new tab) (or SDK) for Metro Exodus (opens in new tab). Although “sometimes the office in Kyiv is unreachable, and power and water can be a luxury,” it seems the studio has been snatching whatever time it can to work on its various projects, one of which—the Metro SDK—has now borne fruit.

The SDK is the full-fat, real-deal toolkit that the devs used on the game itself: 4A says it’s the “​​Editor as it was the day [the studio] released Metro Exodus,” which I (as someone with precisely none of the technical capabilities required for modding) have to assume puts a fair bit of power in the hands of modders. It’s got (opens in new tab) integration, too, which should make it a bit easier to manage and share the stuff you make using the toolkit. 

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