koleżanka, the project of New York-based multi-instrumentalist Kristina Moore, has released a new track called ‘Cheers!’. It’s the third single from their upcoming album Alone With the Sound the Mind Makes, following ‘Canals of Our City’ and ‘Slapstick’. Take a listen below.

“This song is about the exhausting and annihilating loop of SA, in its unfortunate repetition and also the way you become stuck after trauma,” Moore explained in a statement. “When we were mixing this song, Jonathan Schenke suggested removing the middle distorted guitar and hocket vocal part to create a better flow. He was right and I contemplated it, but I realized I wanted this song to feel uncomfortable. Each movement of this song is very intentional, I hope it says what I needed it to say.”

Alone With the Sound the Mind Makes arrives February 17 on Bar/None.

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