Inkulinati forces us to confront one of humanity’s great universal concerns, demanding an answer to a question that’s tormented civilisations for millennia: are farts funny? Polish developer Yaza Games certainly thinks so, packing its turn-based strategy roguelite with flatulent units that reveal their posteriors to opponents with a devilish cackle, then rasp out clouds of noxious gas.

If you think that sounds terribly puerile, however, it has to be said that Inkulinati’s fart gags are at least appropriate to its setting. The soldiers you command here, you see, are faithful reproductions of medieval marginalia—the bizarre and raucous sketches sometimes penned around the sides of fine calligraphy in ageing manuscripts. And such marginalia often intentionally indulged base humour that thumbed its nose at tradition and hierarchy, depicting the lowly snail as a deadly predator, for instance, and brave knights as anthropomorphised rabbits.

(Image credit: Daedalic Entertainment)

With all this in mind, a fart in Inkulinati may be a cheap joke, but it’s also a champion of low-brow hijinks aimed at reducing prince and pauper alike to the same level. So even if you furrow your brow at the sight of a donkey bending double to parp through a set of bagpipes, it’s hard not to side with the game’s winsome silliness.

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