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Game of the Year 2022

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In addition to our main Game of the Year Awards 2022 (opens in new tab), each member of the PC Gamer team is shining a spotlight on a game they loved this year. We’ll post new personal picks, alongside our main awards, throughout the rest of the month.

We’re in the midst of a city builder boom. 2023 is already shaping up to be an outstanding year for city builders, with Frostpunk 2 (hopefully!), Manor Lords (opens in new tab), Laysara: Summit Kingdom, Aquatico, and more interesting-looking city building games (opens in new tab) headed our way. But 2022 was no slouch, either—we got to build a city on a space station in Ixion, rebuild society after a climate catastrophe in Floodland (opens in new tab), manage a norse settlement in Land of the Vikings, and survive plagues, tornados, and floods in Settlement Survival, which left Early Access in October. 

We even got to build a settlement on the back of an enormous dinosaur in The Wandering Village (opens in new tab). What a time to be a city planner!

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