We do work here at PC Gamer. Good work. We craft the finest guides around, report essential news (opens in new tab), review games, investigate hardware, and generally do our damndest to tell you everything you need to know about the wide, wide world of PC gaming. But even we have our blind spots. For instance, up until today, we’ve never once told you which pariah state you should defect to if your decision was entirely based on how well you could play games on its sanction-busting, Windows-defying national operating system.

You may be unaware, but several countries have put money and manpower towards building national alternatives to western OSes. While they might keep using Windows (or an iMac, if they’re Kim Jong-un (opens in new tab)), countries prone to the odd contretemps with the US and EU try to keep one foot out the door by funding backups like Cuba’s Nova (opens in new tab) and the DPRK’s Red Star OS (opens in new tab), most—if not all—of which are based on a flavour of Linux. And now, I’ve done the investigative legwork necessary to find out which one you should turn to if you find yourself subject to a tranche of suffocating international sanctions but still want to play videogames.

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