While launch day may yet be months away, there’s no shame in dreaming about Starfield mods already. I wouldn’t be the first to spitball a slew of reskin mods for Bethesda’s upcoming space game: everything from Star Wars and Star Trek to Firefly and Battlestar Galactica. Starfield is sure to bring all sorts of wild player-made mods: interface tweaks, balance patches, new companions, combat overhauls, and all the other Herculean feats we’ve grown accustomed to Skyrim and Fallout modders creating. 

But instead of dreaming up a laundry list of requests, I decided we should just ask the creators of major Bethesda RPG mods what they’re hoping to create (or play) this time around. They also tipped me off to their most-wanted features for Starfield’s version of the Creation Kit software. Although we don’t know the feature list yet, Bethesda’s work on an updated Creation Engine for developing Starfield likely means some fresh features for modders too.

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