Here it is: our pick for the overall Game of the Year, 2022. Elden Ring was a clear winner among the team, a game that we’ve collectively poured thousands of hours into. Want to see what else made it into our awards this year? Head to our GOTY 2022 (opens in new tab) hub.

Wes Fenlon, Senior Editor: Has a whip ever awoken something in you? Take that question however you want—for me, whips were the catalyst for fully appreciating how much FromSoftware has improved the flexibility of its combat over the last decade. Compared to the Souls games that have pretty clear picks for the best weapons, Elden Ring lets you stick practically any ability and affinity on any weapon and dual wield for new moves. After playing some 60 hours with a pair of curved swords I threw away my muscle memory to become a whip guy, and it was a thrill. Instead of getting in close for quick combos I was staying back to poke at enemies or pouncing with a dual-whip slam.

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