Factory-building game Factorio has sold 3.5 million copies, reports developer Wube Software in its year-end update. It’s an incredible validation of success for a game that would politely be described as of niche interest to mainstream gaming.

“This year we have reached another sales milestone, with 3.5 million sales being passed this Christmas. We are still having steady and consistent sales of about 500,000 each year, which in retrospect validates the original no-sale policy we have stuck with since we launched on Steam in 2016,” said Wube in a blog post (opens in new tab).

The same post includes an expansion teaser image, a few small development updates, and a statistics recap on Wube’s mod portal feature. Wube Software also announced that it’s still hard at work porting the game’s new console controls (opens in new tab) to the PC version for both people on full-size rigs and on mobile PCs like the Steam Deck. 

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