As 2022 comes to a close, it’s natural that we all take a look back at the year behind us and think about the games we’ve played. This year, for me, was mostly taken up by some amazing narrative indies like The Case of the Golden Idol and Strange Horticulture. But really, a large part of my heart belongs to Elden Ring, and in particular Elden Ring’s environment. 

My brain is still baffled by the scale and beauty of Elden Ring’s world. I would gasp a little when I found something new, overlooked a ridge to rolling fields speckled with trees and man-eating beasts. I would slow to a walk with trepidation as the ground below me transformed from grass and mud, to hard, dry dirt and poisonous brimstone. I would peer over the edge of bridges to certain doom, wondering if the sacrifice was worth a look at what could be all the way down there. Elden Ring’s environment and world is, for me, simply the best thing about any game in 2022, and it still feels so precious that I got to explore that world.  

(Image credit: Tyler C. / FromSoftware)

Going into Elden Ring, I hoped it would hurt me and love me like Dark Souls

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