On what had to be our 10th attempt at Elden Ring’s first major boss, Godrick the Grafted, the big guy froze. A friend and I were using the Seamless Co-op mod (opens in new tab) and Godrick, despite having a literal fire-breathing dragon-head for an arm, decided to surrender. My fellow Tarnished got roasted a second earlier so it was just me and Godrick the Frozen. Cautiously I swung at him, ready for his brain to turn back on. It never did. I slashed away the last half of his health bar and sent him back into the ether. LEGEND FELLED. The mod may have broken him, but we were also several attempts in and just wanted to move on. A win is a win.

The Seamless Co-op mod solves all of the problems with Elden Ring’s awful multiplayer summoning system, but it also introduces a slew of new ones once you’re playing with it. Sometimes they’re funny: my friend got to see my character ride an invisible horse a lot of the time. Sometimes they’re useful: when one of you dies, the enemies don’t reset, so you can cheese harder dungeons. And sometimes they’re legitimately game-breaking: your ability to lock-on vanishes in the Radahn fight, which essentially prevents anyone who plays a spellcaster from doing damage at all.

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