A classic trick arrow may be simply too silly for Green Arrow’s quiver.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Stargirl: The Lost Children #2!The Golden Age of DC Comics is riddled with goofy costumes and gadgets that have long since been buried by its heroes. Characters like Green Arrow and Batman, in particular, built their entire identities around gimmicks, from playing dress-up as Robin Hood to tormenting villains with bat-shaped boomerangs. While both have grown into serious and respected heroes over the years, there are some superhero gadgets that deserve to stay buried.

Currently, DC’s Golden Age is experiencing a renaissance, with the return of the Justice Society of America and all the memories associated with that era, good and bad. In Stargirl’s new series, she and Red Arrow—Green Arrow’s sister, Emiko Queen—have a mystery to uncover. After discovering that the forgotten sidekicks of the Golden Age didn’t simply retire, it’s up to Stargirl and Red Arrow to uncover where these lost children are and how they vanished without the world even noticing. In order to do that, they’ve got to take a trip to the past, wacky gadgets and all.


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Green Arrow’s Sister Admits The Boxing Glove Arrow Is Impractical

Stargirl the Lost Children #2 Boxing Glove Arrow

In Stargirl: The Lost Children #2, by Geoff Johns, Todd Nauck and Matt Herms, Stargirl and Red Arrow are attempting to track down the lost sidekicks of the Golden Age. Their first stop: The Arrow Cave! As Courtney and Emiko walk down into the Cave, they pass a stray boxing glove arrow on the ground. Courtney expresses surprise that it actually exists, initially believing it was one of her step-father’s tall tales. Emiko admits that the 1940s was a weird time and Courtney asks how those arrows could even be fired. Despite being a skilled archer, Red Arrow isn’t so sure herself, confessing that she broke a dozen strings before she could even make the arrow fly ten feet. “There’s a reason he ditched it…”

The boxing glove arrow was once a staple of Green Arrow’s quiver, used to comically punch bad guys in the face from a distance. It’s made several appearances in non-comic media, including DC’s various animated series and CW’s Arrow. However, as iconic as this arrow may be, the boxing glove arrow should not be able to work at all. From being able to fit into Oliver’s quiver, let alone strung and fired from a longbow, the boxing glove arrow disobeys every law of physics. Perhaps it’s simply proof of Green Arrow’s prowess as an archer, being the only person able to effectively shoot the boxing glove arrow.

Fans new and old will enjoy DC’s blast to the past in the Golden Age, as some of the goofiest and most iconic characters get their stories told in a new light. Finally, Green Arrow’s criticisms can be put to rest as DC acknowledges his most impractical arrow while paying respect to a bygone era.

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Stargirl: The Lost Children #2 is now available from DC Comics.

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