We’ve been obsessed with Neon White’s leaderboards all year. That’s why it’s our pick for the best platformer of 2022. For more awards, check out our GOTY page (opens in new tab).

Ted Litchfield, Associate Editor: I remember when “first-person platforming” was a bit of a dirty word, but Neon White is just bliss. There’s very little like its generous collection of extremely replayable levels, with only Ghostrunner and Quake 3’s DeFRaG mod coming to mind for me. It’s a rare game where low-level play still feels masterful, while world-record runs are almost incomprehensible to watch in the way they effortlessly skip over entire sections of Neon White’s dreamy, vaporwave levels. I still have to go back and get all the secret, super-fast red medals, and this is a game that practically demands an expansion pack or level design tools. I could see people coming back to Neon White for a very long time.

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