2022 saw a number of high-profile games closed forever, some of them after years of successful operation, and others after months of struggle. It’s the nature of online games: Nothing lasts forever, and especially not modern live service games that wither away if they don’t make enough money to fund their servers. The end of some of these games left us feeling nostalgic, while others were greeted with complete indifference—sometimes, we’d forgotten their names long before the axe fell.

Still, there’s a certain sadness in just about every case of a shuttered game. It’s easy for us to judge, but every videogame that makes it to launch represents someone’s hopes, dreams, ambitions, and best efforts: They poured their heart and soul into bringing it to life, and now that life is over. Which isn’t to say they’re all good, and at least one or two of the games in this remembrance were definitely not. But somebody, somewhere believed in all of them enough to give them a chance at glory. 

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